Intensive Barista Course


Indonesian: Sebuah course / kelas yang men-training Anda untuk menjadi barista yang seimbang di segala sisi: tidak hanya mengerti soal teknik brewing kopi, tetapi juga servis barista, pengetahuan kopi, kontrol kualitas, dan indra pengecap (sensory skills). Sebuah kelas yang akan mengajarkan Anda dari 0, teknik esensial yang harus diketahui setiap barista.

English: A course that trains you to be a well-rounded barista; knowledgeable not only in coffee brewing skills, but also in barista hospitality, coffee knowledge, quality control, and sensory skills. A course that will teach you from scratch the essential skills that every barista should know.

Duration and Skill Level

  • 09:30-15:00 every day for 3 days
Anyone can participate. No experience is required
There will be one written exam and one practical exam.
Semua orang dapat berpartisipasi. Tidak diperlukan pengalaman terlebih dahulu
Akan ada 1 ujian tertulis, dan 1 ujian praktek.


  • Training Handbook made by Goodwill
  • Apron
  • Lunch by caturra~espresso every day
  • Certificate
  • 200gr of Goodwill Coffee

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Course dibawakan dalam Bahasa Indonesia

Course Structure

Theory and Manual Brew

  • Being a barista
  • History of coffee
  • Arabica vs. Robusta
  • Anatomy and complexity of coffee
  • From farm to cup, a coffee journey
  • Plantation life: planting, picking, and processing
  • Roasting: definition, level, degassing, life-span
  • Cupping: parameters and how-to
  • Brewing theory, variables, basics, and intensive hands-on training

Milk-based Coffee

  • What is milk-based coffee?
  • Latte art background and techniques: dusting, etching, free pouring
  • Milk science for coffee
  • Intensive hands-on milk frothing and pouring training


  • Espresso definition, history, and workflow
  • All about espresso-related tools - grinder, espresso machine, other tools
  • Factors in a perfect espresso
  • All about calibration and intensive hands-on training

Wrapping Up

  • Perfect cup mindset
  • Barista, not a coffee maker
  • Importance of cupping
  • 3 big factors of brewing
  • Keep learning

Why Goodwill Coffee Academy?

Qualified Trainers

Highly Qualified Trainers

All of our instructors have years of real experience in the industry with proven dedication to the coffee world and certifications. Our senior instructors have competed and finished well in Indonesian Barista Championship, and one of them is even a licensed Q-Arabica Grader, an internationally-recognized certification.


Easy to Follow Handbook

Professionally written handbook created by a US-graduate who finished in the top-24 of Indonesian Barista Championship 2015 and who is also a licensed Q-Arabica Grader with real-experience in the industry.

World Class Facility

First-Class Facility

We use world-class equipment - a La Marzocco espresso machine and proper international-standard tools at our training facility.

All trainings will focus on both theory and hands-on application in order to produce well-rounded individuals.

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English: This handbook is for starting / aspiring baristas / home brewers looking to get first basic knowledge about coffee. There is information on calibration, roasting, reading coffee label, cupping, what being a barista is about, and much more.

Indonesian: Handbook ini untuk barista / penggemar kopi yang ingin mendapatkan pengetahuan dasar tentang kopi. Handbook ini berisi tentang kalibrasi, roasting, cara membaca label kopi, cupping, arti menjadi seorang barista, dan banyak lagi.

Disclaimer: informasi yang terdapat dalam handbook dapat berupa penyederhanaan dari konsep yang kompleks. Sekali lagi, handbook ini dibuat sebagai panduan awal untuk barista pemula. Untuk informasi yang lebih mendetail, dapat mengikuti kelas kami.

Why Creating this Handbook?

Semakin banyak coffee shop / cafe yang dibuka di Indonesia, dan banyak pengetahuan yang menyimpang. Selain itu, banyak barista pemula yang ingin belajar, namun tidak tahu harus mulai dari mana. Buku kecil ini sebagai titik awal untuk teman-teman barista dan sebagai kontribusi kami untuk dunia kopi di Indonesia.

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